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The Working Musician

The Working Musician research has shone a light on a highly educated, trained, skilled and experienced set of musicians who, despite such high levels of qualifications, skills and experience face an uncertain and precarious working environment marked by income levels and benefits that are not comparable to similar sets of workers elsewhere in the UK labour market.

Pension provision and annual levels of income are particularly poor when compared to other professional groups in the UK. Musicians have highlighted the challenges they face from their experiences of the tax and benefit system and in accessing and benefiting from financial service provision in ways other working people take for granted. More imaginative ways need to be found to ensure musicians and creative workers generally get a more equitable deal from both the financial services industry and the tax and benefit system.

The major question the findings of this research poses is; for how long can the UK maintain a pool of world beating musicians and attract new talent from all backgrounds given the earnings potential of the average musician and the spiralling costs associated with education, training and sustaining a musician’s career?