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Pay Up for public services

Britain's nurses, care workers, refuse collectors, health visitors, road sweepers, admin staff, porters and so many more, work hard taking care of us, delivering the services we reply on. But thanks to this government, haven't had a decent pay rise for years.

We know that when workers feel secure in their jobs with an income that keeps pace with inflation spend more in their local economies. Take that away and the economy suffers. 

We say that public services underpin a good economy and a good society. Money spent on public services is not money wasted. The government always makes a return on its investment. Which is why we're demanding:

  • Investment not cuts
  • The living wage as a minimum - lifting one million public sector workers out of poverty pay
  • Pay rises for all - means more revenue for the Treasury and a much needed lift to our local economies
  • Collective bargaining - an end to the government's five year diktats on pay