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Fair Pensions for All

November 2011

Millions of union members took strike action on 30 November 2011 to protest at plans for public sector staff to work longer and pay more for smaller pensions. There is an economic crisis in the UK, but it was not caused by excessive public spending or the ‘gold-plated’ pensions and pay of public sector workers. It was caused by a recession triggered by the banking collapse of 2007. Now there is another crisis: a crisis of fairness in which those who caused the economic mess are forcing everyone else in society to pay for it.

In retirement, as in working life, we are highly unequal. UK pensioner poverty is among the worst in Europe – only Cyprus, Latvia and Estonia abandon their pensioners to a greater degree. Action is needed to secure decent state pensions as the foundation for pensioner income and decent employer-sponsored pension provision for all workers in all employment sectors.

As part of this cross-union campaign for fair pensions for all, PCS in conjunction with Unite the Union, NUT, UCU, NPC commissioned this publication designed to expose the myths about public sector pensions, and argue instead for fair pensions for all.

You can find out more about this publication here.