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What is CLASS?

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) is leading left think tank working to ensure policy is on the side of everyday people. Originating in the trade union movement, CLASS has an authentic connection to working people and a unique insight into the challenges society faces. 

We combine grassroots voices with intellectually compelling analysis to show an alternative way forward.

What does CLASS do?

CLASS has been shaping and championing left analysis and policy debates since its creation. Our publications, events and training cover issues such as employment, the financial system, the macro economy, public services and housing.

We recognise that these issues are intrinsically linked to inequalities in income, wealth, race, class and gender, and that a fairer society requires structural change.

CLASS produces briefings, policy papers and think pieces spanning a broad policy field. Current projects address issues of race and class, automation, the labour market and Brexit.

CLASS organises seminars and events across the country to encourage discussion on new policy ideas.

Who is involved?

CLASS is led by Ellie Mae O'Hagan. Our Management Committee and Advisory Panel is made up of expert advisers.

How are we funded?

CLASS is funded and supported by a growing number of trade unions, including NEU, ASLEF, BFAWU, CWU, GFTU, GMB, NUM, NUT, PCS, TSSAUCU and Unite the Union.

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) is a Registered Company limited by guarantee. Company Number 8153706. You can find out more by visiting Companies House.

You can download our Annual Reports below:

CLASS are committed to the principle of funding transparency. Below we list our total income for the last reported year as well as all sources of income over £1000. CLASS is funded by a range of donations from our trade union supporters.

2019 - 2020

Total income: £168,969

Donations over £1,000:

Unite the Union
GMB Union 
Bakers Union 
Trust for London (via
Runnymede Trust)