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Think Big, Think Bold
Why the Left must aim for a radical Pan-European Green New Deal

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by Class found that 65% of Britons don’t think enough has been done to prevent a repeat of the 2008 international banking crash.

Countries across the Eurozone responded to the financial crisis by implementing a programme of draconian austerity measures. While this response has now been discredited, the left was faced with the challenge of presenting a convincing economic alternative.

It is increasingly clear that a new economic settlement for Europe is long overdue, but what form it should take has yet to be decided. It is vital that a long-term vision for a modern, fairer and greener economic future for Europe is developed that can ensure greater economic stability and raise living standards for all. 

Ahead of the European elections, this paper examines whether a pan-European left agenda can deliver a sustainable economic future for countries across the continent.