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The Great British Rip Off
How to solve the cost of living crisis

Download our Great British Rip Off booklet here.

Low wages, as well as rip off rents, energy bills and transport fares, have led to a cost of living crisis. The Coalition Government is cutting public services like social care and affordable housing instead of boosting the economy and creating decent jobs.

Over the last year, Class, Unionstogether and the Trade Union Group of MPs have collaborated on a series of regional events to discuss the living standards crisis and the steps that you think should be taken to address it. Cost of living will be the battleground on which next year’s General Election is won or lost, so now is the perfect time for working people to influence the debate and help shape party manifestos.

This is we why we have produced this joint pamphlet – to promote the main ideas we heard from speakers and attendees at our events, to outline the key facts and figures on the crisis and to continue the discussion on this issue in the run-up to the election.