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Exposing the Myths of Welfare
Class-Red Pepper Mythbuster

Download the full briefing here.

Exposing the Myths of Welfare provides a powerful counterargument to sensationalised reports of the “benefits’ culture”, at a crucial time when media and political criticism is at its height.

This pamphlet is the first in a series of mythbusters from Class and Red Pepper, designed to expose the realities behind the recurring myths which often skew the debate on welfare.

Featuring an introduction from Class adviser and Red Pepper founding editor Hilary Wainwright, and access to research from Ben Baumberg, Kate Bell and Declan Gaffney, twelve common misconceptions about welfare are analysed and the realities are presented.

This briefing shows that:

  • benefits are not too generous,
  • spending on benefits is not out of control,
  • the benefit bill is not high because of cheats and fraudsters,
  • most benefit spending does not go on the unemployed but actually goes to pensioners
  • most benefit claimants are not long-term

Download the briefing for more information.