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Election 2015: What’s at stake for the economy?

Guides to the 2015 General Election

As part of our election programme Class are publishing a series of election guides that seek to highlight what is at stake for working people on a range of policy issues. All guides have the same structure – an outline of the current problems, policies that could tackle them, what the parties are offering voters, and an analysis of what’s at stake at the General Election.

What's at stake for the economy?

This guide outlines the state of the economy in 2015 and the impact Coalition policies have had on economic growth. The pamphlet highlights how austerity exacerbates a highly unequal system and further damages prospects of growth. As the Coalition continue to champion misleading figures on the debt and deficit, this pamphlet outlines the case for an economic recovery with decent jobs and sustainable investment at its core.

Factsheet: Policy priorities for the next government

To read all the information in brief, simply download our short policy priorities factsheet.