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Can the European Union deliver for working people?
Essay series

As the European Elections approach, the media spotlight is increasingly focussing in on Europe and, more specifically, the European Union.

On the left of the British political spectrum, the EU takes its place as the ultimate “Marmite” issue and can often be heard being discussed with equal amounts of respect and disdain. It remains revered by some as a beacon of international cooperation, with progressive principles at its heart and yet, rejected by others as an anti-democratic institution which harvests the very neoliberal agenda, those of us on the left in this country have had to fight so hard against.

In light of this, Class set out to make a weighty, yet balanced, contribution to the debate. With this in mind, we asked six key figures from across the labour and trade union movement, with differing attitudes to the EU, the same question – “Can the European Union deliver for working people?” – and have compiled their responses in this publication.

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