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Progressive Toolkit

This Progressive Toolkit briefing is a guide to winning arguments for transformative change. It can be used to assist conversations on the doorstep, at work or in a social setting. It covers conversation tips, talking about the economy, public services, poverty, and building solidarity across communities.

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Guide to the Labour Manifesto 2019

This briefing highlights some key policy pledges made in the Labour Party manifesto for the 2019 snap general election. 

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Labour vs Conservative Manifestos

This briefing looks at the key manifesto pledges for Labour and the Conservatives across 12 topics, and gives our verdict.

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VIDEO: Has the Working Class Been Left Behind?

A short video explainer from CLASS and the Runnymede Trust on the common barriers holding back the multi-ethnic working class (white and BME/migrant).

Race and Class Messaging Toolkit 

Building on race and class messaging and framing work in the UK and US, as well as our own research, this checklist identifies 12 common traps on both the content and the form of our conversations on race, class and/or immigration. To any of those traps, we propose alternatives for strong messaging to engage our supporters and persuade those who can be.

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The Facts & the Fixes: Austerity

Public spending cuts (known as austerity) have brought unnecessary hardship and misery on broad swathes of the UK population. It is a political project designed to shrink the size of the state, and it has no basis in people-centred economics. 

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The Facts & the Fixes: Class

Class remains a significant determinant of disadvantage, with the main factors for “success” in life being the wealth of your parents and your place of birth. This factsheet gives the key facts and five solutions to socio-economic inequality and discrimination.

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The Facts & the Fixes: Immigration

The way we talk about immigration has scapegoated and sometimes dehumanised people. Decades of anti-immigration narrative has resulted in the Windrush generation. It divides working class communities and diverts attention from the real causes of inequality. This factsheet highlights key facts and puts forward seven policy fixes to tackle the anti-immigration regime.

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The Facts & the Fixes: Inequality

There is a huge amount of evidence that inequality in Britain is extreme and increasing, which is harmful for both the economy and the society. This factsheet highlights key facts and puts forward six policy fixes to get us started.

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The Facts & the Fixes: Housing

Access to affordable and good quality housing should be a right, not a luxury. But right now, the UK housing market is failing young people, low and medium earners, and the vulnerable. 

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BLOG:Toxic Trade Deals In A Post-Brexit Britain

The threats of a US-UK trade deal are so grave because of the potential to slash our protections, regulations and safeguards in every aspect of our lives, writes Heidi Chow.

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BLOG: Making The Case For Public Investment

Critics of Labour's spending plans are wrong - it will pay for itself, writes Professor Malcolm Sawyer.

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BLOG: Time To End The Hostile Environment

The system doesn’t need to be this way – and it cannot carry on for much longer – the immigration rulebook has too much blood on its pages, writes Olivia Bridge.

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BLOG: Let’s Vote For Workers Rights

For the first time in our lives we have the chance to see the end of workplace oppression, a return of dignity at work and real worker protection, writes Ronnie Draper, general-secretary of the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union.

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BLOG: Universal Credit Has Been A Disaster

For nearly a decade, the social security system has borne the brunt of the brutal austerity agenda. It's time to change that, writes Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union.

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BLOG: A New Dawn For Local Government?

Local services have been slashed but it's now time to rebuild them, writes James Lazou of Unite the Union

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BLOG: A New Deal To Tackle Inequality

Economist Stewart Lansley writes that poverty is rooted in the practices of big business that enjoys privileges while the poorest are subjected to penalties. He calls for a new deal to tackle inequality by addressing wealth ownership.

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BLOG: The Most Important Election For The Working Class

Professor Stephen A Linstead writes about how the last few decades have stripped away workers rights, and why this election is a chance to turn the tide.

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BLOG: Equality Is The Foundation of Society

Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, writes about how income inequality has increased insecurities, reinforced class barriers and why greater equality will repair the social fabric of society.

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BLOG: Tackling Excessive Pay

With wages and economic growth stagnating for much of the 2010s and the experience of the financial crisis still fresh in the memory, lavish pay awards for financiers and business leaders have been hard to justify, writes Luke Hildyard.

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