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Class Conference 2016 | Britain at a Crossroads: finding the progressive path


These are crucial times for the left. With Britain unsure of the future after Brexit, more people in insecure and low-paid work, racism and xenophobia on the rise and public services under threat, there hasn’t been a more important moment for the left to have a clear vision of the future.

The 2016 Class conference was an opportunity for us to have a frank discussion about the situation we’re in now, where the Tories might be taking us and what our vision for a progressive future would be.

We heard from a great wide selection of speakers, including politicians, trade unionists, academics, journalists and campaigners. We heard speeches from Jeremy Corbyn, Unite’s Len McCluskey, NUS President Malia Bouattia, Shadow Brexit Minister Keir Starmer, Paul Mason, Owen Jones, and many many more, with a very uplifting final speech by comedian and campaigner Francesca Martinez.