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Tips for Communicating

This is part one of a toolkit series which aims to give helpful tips about how to communicate progressive ideas and values to win arguments for transformative change. This briefing is focused on how to communicate effectively. It can be used to assist conversations on the doorstep, at work or in a social setting.

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Race and Class Messaging Toolkit 

Building on race and class messaging and framing work in the UK and US, as well as our own research, this checklist identifies 12 common traps on both the content and the form of our conversations on race, class and/or immigration. To any of those traps, we propose alternatives for strong messaging to engage our supporters and persuade those who can be.

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The Facts & the Fixes: Class

Class remains a significant determinant of disadvantage, with the main factors for “success” in life being the wealth of your parents and your place of birth. This factsheet gives the key facts and five solutions to socio-economic inequality and discrimination.

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BLOG: A New Deal To Tackle Inequality

Economist Stewart Lansley writes that poverty is rooted in the practices of big business that enjoys privileges while the poorest are subjected to penalties. He calls for a new deal to tackle inequality by addressing wealth ownership.

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BLOG: The Most Important Election For The Working Class

Professor Stephen A Linstead writes about how the last few decades have stripped away workers rights, and why this election is a chance to turn the tide.

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BLOG: Equality Is The Foundation of Society

Professor Richard Wilkinson, co-author of The Spirit Level, writes about how income inequality has increased insecurities, reinforced class barriers and why greater equality will repair the social fabric of society.

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VIDEO: Has the Working Class Been Left Behind?

A short video explainer from CLASS and the Runnymede Trust on the common barriers holding back the multi-ethnic working class (white and BME/migrant).

Has the working class been left behind? from CLASS on Vimeo.