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The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class): Brexit generation face uncertain future

24 August 2016

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to EU referendum result

24 June 2016

Class announces Faiza Shaheen as new Director

1 February 2016

Reclaiming aspiration - key figures on the left respond to the current debate

25 August 2015

79 leading economists attack Osborne’s plans to entrench a permanent budget surplus

12 June 2015

Think tank says downgrade in growth forecasts is a response to the threat of further austerity

8 June 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Selling off Royal Mail is hugely counterproductive for the stability of the economy

4 June 2015

PRESS RELEASE: The Education and Adoption Bill will entrench social inequality

4 June 2015

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) condemns government reforms to trade unions

28 May 2015

Leading progressives put forward far-reaching policies for the first 100 days of government

29 April 2015

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to new figures on food bank use

22 April 2015

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to Labour’s Youth Manifesto

17 April 2015

Conservative plans to extend Right-to-Buy to housing associations will intensify housing crisis

14 April 2015

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to Cameron’s announcement on apprenticeships

9 April 2015

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to Labour’s non-dom announcement

8 April 2015

Class responds to the launch of Labour’s new Work Manifesto

1 April 2015

Class responds to Ed Miliband’s speech launching Labour’s business manifesto

30 March 2015

New Class/YouGov poll finds 2 in 3 people want to cap executive salaries

29 October 2014

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) responds to Eurostar sell off

13 October 2014

Policy experts say housing must dominate Labour’s election manifesto

7 October 2014

Think tank calls for a radical rethink of the role of local government

18 September 2014

Think tank says privatisation of services has consistently led to lower outcomes

16 July 2014

Think tank says UK is “out of step” with the rest of the world by shunning public ownership

9 July 2014

Thomas Piketty to debate top advisor to Ed Miliband in parliament

12 June 2014

The National Curriculum is failing our children

17 April 2014

General Secretary of European TUC and lead MEP candidate call for renewed Social Europe

15 April 2014

Renowned economist calls for European Green New Deal to tackle Europe’s economic instability

10 April 2014

Think tank calls for progressives to take on Europe’s far-right parties

10 April 2014

Can the EU deliver for working people? Leading progressives debate the arguments

3 April 2014

The government has done almost nothing to address the fundamental causes of the financial crisis

26 February 2014

New poll reveals nearly 4 in 5 Britons feel they are not personally benefitting from economic recove

11 November 2013

Think tank criticises academies system for entrenching social inequality

17 October 2013

Class launches new policy library resource for trade unions and researchers

23 July 2013

Think tank calls for action against rip-off payday lenders

11 July 2013

Class holds North West launch & commits to giving working people in the UK a strong political voice

24 June 2013

Health inequalities widen as rising mortality and falling life expectancy buck long-term trends

20 May 2013

It’s time for a political response to attacks on universal health care

14 May 2013

Challenging vested interests in land must be central to tackling the housing crisis

13 May 2013

Class and Child Poverty Action Group call for new priorities to tackle poverty

13 March 2013

The housing crisis – Time for a heavy dose of realism

5 March 2013

Zoe Williams paper launches new Class series – A Social State for 2015

25 February 2013

Re-defining Beveridge’s Giant Evils – Charting an Alternative Course for the Welfare State

29 November 2012

New CLASS publication challenges politicians to put inequality back on the agenda

7 September 2012

Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey MP responds to Policy Exchange call for sale of social housing

23 August 2012

British voters back Hollande’s anti-austerity agenda

24 May 2012

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