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TUC Congress Fringe: Let’s talk about exploitation: Changing the narrative on immigration.

Let’s Talk About Exploitation: Changing the narrative on immigration

Are you attending the TUC Congress next week? If so, you won't want to miss the CLASS fringe meeting.

When: Tuesday 10th September, 12.45pm to 2pm
Where: The Restaurant, Brighton Centre (BIC) - open to all TUC Congress delegates.


•    Chair: Dr Faiza Shaheen - Director, CLASS
•    Maya Goodfellow – Author and Journalist
•    Manuel Cortes - General Secretary of TSSA
•    Tim Roache-  General Secretary of GMB
•    Jonathan Portes - Professor of Economics and Public, KCL

Discussion: Immigrants have long been scapegoated, but the way in which the anti-immigration sentiment has been woven into the Brexit narrative has given it a new potency. Join us for lunch to discuss the facts and the need for a new narrative explaining worker exploitation and how the union movement can take a firm stance against immigrant scapegoating.

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