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TUC Congress 2012: Why Inequality Matters

This fringe meeting is open to non-tuc delegates.


Speakers include:


Why Inequality Matters

The meeting will launch a publication written by members of My Fair London, a group affiliated to the Equality Trust, and produced by Class, "Why Inequality Matters". The document is the authorised shortened version of "The Spirit Level".

"Why Inequality Matters" demonstrates that economic inequality harms everyone but in the aftermath of the greatest economic crisis since the Depression of the 1930s the wealth divide between the richest and the rest continue to grow. In the UK, real wages have fallen by 7% in the last 2 years - and are still falling- while personal fortunes at the top are continuing to rise.

The UK economy is in its first double dip recession in a generation and growth continues to stagnate. Still, the government pursue what Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman described as a "death spiral of self-defeating austerity".

If we are to avoid the risk of near-permanent stagnation, the fundamental imbalances in our economy need to be addressed. If not, growth will continue to evade us. That's why Class is developing alternative policies that will challenge the dogma of austerity.

Come to our fringe meeting to hear the challenging ideas we are presenting.

A sandwich lunch and tea and coffee will be provided.