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Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice

How can we address class exclusion, racism & the divide and rule of the multi-ethnic working class?

Can we change the narrative around the working-class to challenge the divide and rule between working class people of different ethnicities, and we can build solidarity based on shared values and a shared history of past struggles?

And how can we promote social uplift for whole communities not social mobility for the few to end the gaming of the system against working class people of all backgrounds?

Join us for this CLASS fringe at Labour Conference 2019, with speakers:

  • Laura Pidcock, MP
  • Owen Jones - Author of 'Chavs'
  • Dr Faiza Shaheen - Director of CLASS
  • Dave Ward - General Secretary of the CWU

Free. Refreshments. Disabled Access.

When? Tuesday 24th September 2019, 12pm

Where? Arundel 2, Holiday Inn, Kings Road, Brighton

For more information email: