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Race and Class in Post-Brexit London

The Runnymede Trust and CLASS are launching 'Race and Class on the frontline of institutional prejudice': report publication + Q&A

About this Event

While Brexit has for long dominated the political agenda, it has also shed light on profound divisions across society. We have seen a spike in racist hate crime as well as ongoing conversations about a left-behind 'white working-class' at the heart of Brexit debates. The last few years have also seen the unfolding of the Grenfell and Windrush scandals, with the resurgence of debates and outrage about the deadly impact of institutional racism towards the most vulnerable in society. In this context, how do we connect the dots?

'Race and Class on the frontline of institutional prejudice' is a case-study of working-class London, grounded in qualitative research investigating race and class dynamics and identities across the capital. This report comes as a result of a year long collaboration between The Runnymede Trust and CLASS.

Rooted in 78 interviewees' stories and examples, the report looks specifically at:

1) The development of a punitive culture of services and how this affects working-class, BME and migrant communities across the board, despite such labels being repeatedly pitched against each other in mainstream media and political discourse.

2) The institutionalization of both race and class prejudice into policy-making

3) Structural race and class disadvantage in the context of London's gentrifrication

We also ask the question of solidarity in the context of Brexit Britain:

4) Who is (the) working-class in 2019? Have we been divided and conquered?

5) How do we resist division and foster cohesion across all working-class communities without erasing difference and power hierarchies?

This report provides a starting point on how we address these issues. We will present key findings (including recommendations) and discuss their significance with panelists and the audience.

There will be time for Q&A.

Speakers include:

- Reni Eddo-Lodge, award-winning author and journalist

- John Harris, journalist for the Guardian

- Samia Badani, Director of Campaigns at New Europeans and co-chair of the Notting Dale Residents Advisory board

- Dr Faiza Shaheen, Director of CLASS

- Dr Omar Khan, Director of the Runnymede Trust

- Laurie Mompelat, co-author of the report and Research Analyst at Runnymede and CLASS

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Work areas: Inequality. Tags: Race and Class.