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Labour Party Conference 2014: Wealth, Inequality and Power

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class) is holding several fringe events at this year's Labour Party Conference in Manchester.

Concern about inequality and poverty has never been greater amongst the British public and with wealth inequality now back to levels last seen in the 19th Century, the need to tackle inequality and redistribute wealth and power is more urgent than ever.

Under the Coalition Government real wages have fallen by 7% in the last 2 years - and are still falling - while personal fortunes at the top are continuing to rise. In Wealth, Inequality and Power, speakers will discuss why such inequality in wealth and power harms everyone and how a modern vision for the role of the state can address this.

This event will discuss how inequality in wealth and power can be addressed and will look at the pivotal role social solidarity and the labour movement have played in protecting working people, reversing patterns of inequality and developing responsive public services over the last hundred years.

High labour standards raise wages, increase demand, decrease unemployment and diminish inequality and in Wealth, Inequality and Power, speakers will outline the scale of the challenge ahead and what needs to change to ensure wealth and power is shifted back towards working people.

Speakers include:

Chair: Steve Turner – Assistant General Secretary, Unite

Angela Eagle MP – Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

Owen Jones – Guardian writer and author of The Establishment

Louise Haigh - Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Heeley

Stewart Lansley – Economist