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Labour Party Conference 2013: The Cost of Being a Young Person

The cuts are disproportionately affecting young people. With the tripling of student fees by the current Coalition Government, the struggles of young people outside of higher education are often ignored by the media and in debates. The reality is high youth unemployment and underemployment, whilst those who actually manage to find jobs have no choice but to accept low pay, low quality work.

In light of this, Class is holding a joint event with the newly founded Labour Young Trade Unionists' Network (LYTUN) at Labour Party Conference to highlight the real cost of being a young person.

Come along to join the debate.

Speakers include:-

Chair: Caroline Hill -LYTUN

Owen Jones - Independent columnist and Policy and Media Advisor to Class

Ellie Mae O'Hagan - Guardian Comment is Free journalist

Lisa Nandy MP - Shadow Minister for Children and Young Families and MP for Wigan

Sachin Patel - LYTUN

Ryan Ward - LYTUN