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GMB Congress: How can unions make work pay?

Joint fringe meeting with GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

Tens of thousands of working people are paid such a low wage they have to claim benefits to top up their income just to survive. At the same time the richest 100 have a combined wealth of the whole bottom one third of this country. How can that be right in 21st Century Britain?

Speakers at this fringe meeting will talk about what they think needs to be done to stop this growing unfairness and the pivotal role unions must play in making work pay.


  • Alison Long, Asda IR
  • Ellie Reeves, OH Parsons
  • Tim Roache, GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Regional Secretary and President of Class
  • Martin Smith, GMB National Organiser
  • John Usher, Solicitor and Director of Campaign for Trade Union Freedom
  • Chair: Andy Irving, GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire