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Covid-19, BLM & climate crisis: what it means for the Left

From Boris Johnson's majority, to the botched handling of Covid-19, and then the attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK, these events of the past year have taken a toll on many of us on the Left. As we come to terms with a Post-Corbyn Labour era and the multi-faceted challenges that lay ahead – it is not obvious how we move forward together. And yet, this moment has shown us that our analysis of the social, economic and climate problems and solutions are right.

So Join CLASS on Thursday 8th July at 7pm to discuss how we keep hope alive and how we adapt and continue the fight for the change that we so desperately need. As well as hearing from leading figures fighting for change, we'll be launching our new monthly online 'Resistance Lab' which will showcase on-going progressive and grassroots campaigns and provide tips to those organising for change.

We are excited to be joined by Gary Younge, Professor at Manchester University; Clive Lewis MP; Sarah Woolley, General Secretary of BFAWU; Satbir Singh, Chief Executive of JCWI; Kevin Courtney, joint General Secretary of NEU; Asad Rehman (Director of War on Want); Amrou al-Kadhi, writer and broadcaster; and hosted by our very own Dr Faiza Shaheen.

We are doing things a little different from your traditional talk. We recognise that it can be make time for everyone's questions and contributions on a Zoom call so please get in touch with CLASS through Facebook, Twitter, or email Raquel at with your questions/contributions to put to the panel.

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