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Brexit: The Future of Our Economy - with Verso Books

What will be the economic impact of Brexit?

Now that Article 50 has passed through Parliament and the road to Brexit is open, what is going to happen to our economy? It has become clear that the long-term economic costs to leaving the EU contradict the promises made to people who feel ‘left behind’ by globalization. The trade-off between economic losses and political sovereignty is unavoidable. Bankers are threatening to leave the City of London, but does this mean we can take back control of the financial system? What will happen if UK becomes a tax haven? Is the economy being sacrificed for restrictions on immigration, nationalism and market capitalism?

Join this essential discussion with Ann Pettifor, director of PRIME Economics, who predicted the financial crisis in 2006, and author of The Production of Money; Richard Murphy, leading tax expert and author of Dirty Secrets: How Tax Havens Destroy the Economy; Costas Lapavitsas, Professor of Economics as SOAS and author of Profiting Without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All; human rights worker Gracie Mae Bradley (Migrants’ Rights Network) and chair Faiza Shaheen, director of CLASS think tank. They will explore:

  • How we can save the economy from the bankers
  • What role does immigration play in the future negotiations for Brexit
  • What will happen to workers’ rights without EU protection
  • Who controls Britain

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