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Trade unionists - Rally for your Rights

Trade unionists - Rally for your Rights

We all know by now that next week will be a make or break election for working people. The labour movement is entering a crucial period, facing an unprecedented targeted attack from the Conservatives at a time when trade union members and millions of other working people are experiencing assaults on their pay and already precarious standards of living.

In the most unpredictable election in a generation, the issues which matter to us most could hang by a thread. Just a few votes in the most marginal constituencies could determine whether Conservative plans to attack trade union rights by introducing 50% turnout thresholds on industrial action ballots - which will make it almost impossible for unions to call a legal strike – will become reality.

Tonight is Unionstogether’s big London 'Rally for your Rights' at the University of London Union - 6pm in 'The Venue' on the first floor. This is our last chance, as trade-unionists to come together and rally to stop the Conservatives. Fight for your rights and join us at our Central London rally as we campaign to stop the sell-off of our NHS, for secure jobs – tackling insecurity and abolishing zero hour contracts, decent wages, rights at works – making employment justice a right not a privilege and solving the cost of living crisis.

Unionstogether’s rally in Leeds on Wednesday was attended by over 1,000 people and was one of the major events of the election calendar. Tonight promises to be the same with Len McCluskey, Frances O'Grady, Paul Kenny and a host of other speakers coming together for the final big rally before the country goes to the polls on May 7th next week.

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