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#EqualPayDay: What are the facts?

#EqualPayDay: What are the facts?

Today is Equal Pay Day. That means that from today until the end of the year, women will have effectively worked nearly two months for free compared to men. So what are the facts of pay inequality? We've gathered some key information below.

  • Men in full-time work are more than twice as likely as full-time women to be earning £50,000 or more a year – one in 15 women compared to one in seven men.
  • 54,000 women are forced to leave their job early every year as a result of poor treatment after they have a baby.
  • Feminised sectors tend to be less valued and less well paid – women make up 60% of those earning less than the living wage.
  • Even in well paid professions that women have entered in increasing numbers, women still earn considerably less than their male colleagues. The gap in annual salaries between top-earning women and top-earning men has hit 54.9%.
  • Two in five managers would be wary of hiring a mother for a senior role.
  • It would take 54 years to reach equal pay at current rates.
  • Last year the UK dropped out of the top 20 gender equal countries for the first time, after women's wages fell by £2,700 and men's remained unchanged.

Photo credit: #WOCTechchat