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CLASS on Class: Our New Podcast

CLASS on Class: Our New Podcast

The issue of class, and in particular the white working class, has featured heavily in political discussion since the EU referendum last year. But the current discussion is toxic - pitting immigrants against the white working class, or the working class against the so-called metropolitan elite. What’s more, we don’t even seem to be able to answer basic questions - who are the working class? What difference does being working class make? What’s the best way to ensure class doesn’t define our lives or politics in a negative way?

As a think tank called CLASS, we thought it was about time we answered these important questions. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting out a three-part podcast where our Director speaks to leading experts and those from working class backgrounds to take you on a journey from being class clueless to class conscious.  

We’re keen to hear what you think, and what other questions on class you have. Email us at, and remember to tell your friends!

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