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Ideas and views from across the left

VIDEO: The Great British Rip Off

Zoe Williams, Katy Clark MP, Frances O’Grady, Sadiq Khan, Matthew Pennycook, 9 Apr 2014

The government claims Britain’s economy is in recovery, but with the gap between the rich and the poor widening and living standards plummeting for most – whose recovery is it?

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How to Change the Post-Crash Economy

Professor Costas Lapavitsas, Seumas Milne, Mariana Mazzucato, Paul Mason, 8 Apr 2014

VIDEO: An expert panel including Costas Lapavitsas - professor of economics at SOAS, Paul Mason, Culture and Digital editor, Channel 4 News; Mariana Mazzucato RM Phillips professor in the Economics of Innovation at Sussex University; and Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist and author, convene to discuss the state of the UK economy today.

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Fair pay: cracking down at the other end of the income ladder

Arlene McCarthy, 3 Apr 2014

In our second blog for the TUC's Fair Pay Fortnight, Arlene McCarthy MEP argues we need fair pay at the top of the income scale as well as the bottom.

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The housing crisis could become a disaster. Time for intervention

Professor Danny Dorling, 1 Apr 2014

The UK already has sufficient housing provision. We urgently need government intervention to ensure supply meets demand.

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Employers and flexible working: Is it really such a stretch?

Matt Hawkins, 31 Mar 2014

Gingerbread brought together four leading voices in employment to discuss flexible working, a vital key to unlocking employment opportunities and progression for single parents, who must balance the roles of breadwinner and primary carer for their families.

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Thirty years on, we need the truth about the miners’ strike

Lisa Nandy MP, 28 Mar 2014

Only now is the extent to which the Thatcher government escalated the miners' strike coming to light. We need the full release of papers and an apology from Government.

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Why soaring wage inequality in the UK should worry everyone

Frances O’Grady, 27 Mar 2014

Frances O'Grady explains the TUC's newest campaign: Fair Pay Fortnight.

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Why Britain needs to end hunger fast

Rachel Dickinson, 24 Mar 2014

Between April and December 2013, food banks fed over 600,000 people in the UK. There are tangible and avoidable causes for people in seventh richest nation in the world going hungry, and the government needs to do more to prevent it.

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Why immigration is good for all of us

Diane Abbott MP, 21 Mar 2014

Diane Abbott MP introduces the new pamphlet by Class and Red Pepper magazine exposing common myths around immigration.

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Budget 2014: Our panellists give their reaction

Richard Murphy, Ann Pettifor, Tim Roache, Stefan Stern, Daisy Sands, 20 Mar 2014

Five leading thinkers give their reaction to Budget 2014

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Today’s Budget and the crisis in Ukraine

Ann Pettifor, 19 Mar 2014

The Ukraine crisis exposes the failures of Britain's economic and energy model. It is the Chancellor's task to plan for and defend the energy security of its citizens. That is what George Osborne should do today.

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What can we expect from Budget 2014?

Steve Hart, 18 Mar 2014

As the Chancellor's annual Budget announcement draws near, Class Chair Steve Hart looks at what we can expect.

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Paying the highest price: Austerity will accelerate area health inequalities

Professor Clare Bambra, 17 Mar 2014

A rise in health inequalities is not an accident. The data shows that austerity will continue to increase health inequalities, and the poorest communities will suffer the most.

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Why the world needs a payrise

Stewart Lansley, 14 Mar 2014

Economies built around poverty wages and huge corporate and private surpluses are unsustainable. Until we correct for this great imbalance, today’s artificially created recovery will prove very short-lived.

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PMQs 12 March 2014: A roundup

Ellie O’Hagan, 13 Mar 2014

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Join me to debate The Great British Rip Off in Newcastle this evening

Laura Pidcock, 13 Mar 2014

Join me and a panel of key figures in the North East to debate the question: whose recovery is it?

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Whose recovery is it?

Ian Lavery MP, 12 Mar 2014

Join me in Newcastle tomorrow to debate the question: whose recovery is it?

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A collection of tributes to Bob Crow

Ellie O’Hagan, 11 Mar 2014

Figures from across the movement and the wider left remember the RMT leader.

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On public sector pay, we need less talk of gold-plated pensions and more talk of unions

Andrew Fisher, 11 Mar 2014

The ONS has released a report on the difference between public and private sector pay. We need to look at the findings in detail and have a debate about the best way to increase wages for everybody.

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What is the most pressing issue for British women today?

Rachel Yates, Roisin McDermott, Ellie O’Hagan, 10 Mar 2014

On International Women's Day, Class asked its all-female staff what the most pressing challenge facing women today is. Here's what they said.

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