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Ideas and views from across the left

Theresa May’s brand of inequality

Faiza Shaheen, 21 Jul 2016

Our Director Faiza Shaheen responds to Theresa May's first PMQs and the new Prime Minister's announcements on inequality.

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Brexit: What next?

18 Jul 2016

Bridie O’Shea is Class’s new Policy Officer, having recently worked at the EU Parliament in Brussels she’ll be guiding us through what’s what in the UK-EU divorce in the coming weeks and months.

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Brexit: The new class war?

Faiza Shaheen, 28 Jun 2016

Our director Faiza Shaheen outlines the silver linings of Brexit and renewed class politics.

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Has the EU benefitted the working class?

Faiza Shaheen, 1 Jun 2016

Our director Faiza Shaheen introduces our new essay series on the EU.

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Queen’s Speech: our panel’s reaction

Jo Michell, Christine Blower, Arianna Giovannini, 19 May 2016

Our panel gives its verdict on yesterday's Queen's speech.

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Queen’s Speech: response

Faiza Shaheen, 19 May 2016

Our director Faiza Shaheen gives her response to the Queen's Speech

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Putting inequality back on the centre-left agenda

Helen Goodman MP, 17 May 2016

We need a strategic approach which puts reducing inequality at the centre of every policy idea

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Brexit is not the answer to the new generation of free trade agreements

Adrian Weir, 3 May 2016

Whether Britain votes to leave or remain in the EU, we will need to maintain the campaign against TTIP and other free trade agreements.

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Economic growth slows, and the problem is bigger than the EU Referendum

Faiza Shaheen, 27 Apr 2016

The recent slowdown in UK economic growth is just the latest demonstration of a deeply troubled economy.

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The 2016 Rich List: Another sign that our economy is defunct

Faiza Shaheen, 24 Apr 2016

The 2016 Sunday Times Rich List is out and the general trend is the same - the rich are getting richer, to the tune of £28.5 billion in the last year, or nearly £78 million a day.

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Government U-turns on Trade Union Bill as peers threaten rebellion

Silkie Cragg, Hannah Reed, 20 Apr 2016

Government U-turn on the proposal to stop payroll collection of subscriptions is a major victory for trade unions.

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Tax and the wealthy: the tip of a very unhealthy iceberg

Professor Tracy Shildrick, 19 Apr 2016

The Panama Papers are not just a story about the immoral and illegal financial behaviours of the wealthy, it is also a story of the near certain perpetuation of social class inequality across generations.

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Promoting economic democracy in the twenty-first century

Professor Andrew Cumbers, 15 Apr 2016

New research project launched to investigate the issue of economic democracy and create a global index of economic democracy that can develop a set of comparative indicators about levels of democracy and public participation in the economy.

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Poverty and prosperity sit side-by-side in British cities

Kevin Gulliver, 12 Apr 2016

David Cameron’s tax affairs controversy has propelled the state of UK inequality into the centre of political debate. While the Prime Minister’s ‘tax planning’ may be legal, it taints claims that ‘we are all in it together’. It is the poor who have borne the burden of austerity, while the rich have their tax havens.

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The Panama Papers reveal deep problems at the heart of our economy

Faiza Shaheen, 8 Apr 2016

The issues uncovered by the Panama Papers are a symptom of our wealth and income inequality.

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It’s time to halt the UK’s great public asset boot sale and build Britain’s first social wealth fund

Stewart Lansley, 4 Apr 2016

Stewart Lansley explains the theme of his new book which argues for Britain's first social wealth fund.

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The increase to the minimum wage should be welcomed, but the fight against inequality is being lost

Faiza Shaheen, 1 Apr 2016

Inequality is bad for economy and bad for society. Let's not allow a rise in the national minimum wage to take our eye off the real prize - better distribution of profits.

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Budget 2016: The reaction from our panel

Jenny Rouse, Professor Prem Sikka, Jo Michell, 16 Mar 2016

Our panel give their reaction to today's budget

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What can we expect from today’s budget?

Faiza Shaheen, 16 Mar 2016

Class director Faiza Shaheen looks to the announcements ahead

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Doreen Massey - our friend and colleague

Ellie O’Hagan, Dulcie Fairhurst, 12 Mar 2016

Staff at Class pay tribute to the great thinker.

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