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Spending review 2015: Your Guide

Ellie O’Hagan, Simon Wren-Lewis, Lisa Nandy MP, David Walker, Craig Berry, 24 Nov 2015

This Spending Review will change everything. Get the facts here.

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Greenprint for a low carbon industrial strategy

Philip Pearson, 20 Nov 2015

The “perfect storm” hitting the steel industry has cost up to 10,000 jobs in the North East alone, directly or as consequence of steel plant closures. We need a low carbon solution.

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The closure of Eaves charity is the tip of the iceberg in the crisis for women’s services

Rebecca Winson, 19 Nov 2015

Women are being failed by the government's insistence on pursuing austerity. Urgently needed services are turning women away who are at risk.

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Our study shows that economic recession leads to increased levels of suicide

Professor David Gunnell, 17 Nov 2015

It is critical that we learn lessons from this recession to enable more rapid and evidence-based responses to reduce the impact of future economic downturns on mental health.

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Up to 2 million people risk dropping off the electoral register on 1 December

Nick Lowles, 16 Nov 2015

The 2 million people who will drop off the register are in addition to the 8 million already not registered. We cannot allow that to happen.

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We need a fairer deal for members of the armed forces

Vittorio Trevitt, 13 Nov 2015

Veterans who survive often bear mental and physical scars of war. Honouring them must go beyond ceremony.

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Selling off the government’s stake in housing associations is the endgame for social housing

Paul Kershaw, 13 Nov 2015

There can be no solution to the housing crisis that does not start with a big programme of building council homes.

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This is why lecturers at further education colleges are striking

Sally Hunt, 10 Nov 2015

No one wants to strike, but FE lecturers can't take any more pay cuts.

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#EqualPayDay: What are the facts?

9 Nov 2015

Today is Equal Pay Day. That means that from today until the end of the year, women will have effectively worked nearly two months for free compared to men.

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Selling off the Eurostar sets Britain apart from the rest of the world

Ellie O’Hagan, 6 Nov 2015

As Class noted in October 2014, selling off the Eurostar has been a disastrous idea.Meanwhile much of the rest of the world embraces public ownership.

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Why are the Tories so sanguine about adding £60 billion to public debt?

Steve Hilditch, 4 Nov 2015

Reclassifying housing associations as public sector has added £60bn to the public debt. Why has this happened?

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Let’s (Cautiously) Celebrate Living Wage Week

George Wilson, 3 Nov 2015

We should welcome the increasing popularity of a genuine living wage. Unfortunately, the Chancellor's National Living Wage is not that.

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We cannot let the government get away with the Trade Union Bill

Jo Stevens MP, 2 Nov 2015

Trade union members have the same human rights as every other individual in this country. Those rights are not weakened when they put a union card in their purse or pocket. But with this Bill, the Tories are creating a two tier rights and civil liberties framework.

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Benefit advisers in foodbanks: a backwards step

Richard Bridge, 30 Oct 2015

Putting benefits advisers in foodbanks is a retrograde idea that will confuse the role of foodbanks and could make their users uncomfortable.

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Steelwork closures and the importance of class and place

Professor Tracy Shildrick, 28 Oct 2015

Redcar is without question a working class town. Like many seaside towns on the edges of previously largely industrialised conurbations it has suffered over the years. For now, as for the last 170 years, the landscape remains dominated by the works and the huge blast furnace. It is a sight that is both dramatic and eerily striking and one that is saturated in class heritage and class imagery.

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Economy growing at around half the pace of last year

Geoff Tily, 27 Oct 2015

The Chancellor's plan isn't working. We need a proper industrial strategy.

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Tax credit cuts and the Living Wage: Do the numbers stack up?

Lisa Stidle, 26 Oct 2015

Our analysis shows planned wage increases will not compensate for cuts to tax credits.

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How can we measure national success? Five headline indicators to replace GDP

Juliet Michaelson, 26 Oct 2015

GDP is too narrow a metric to reflect how well the economy is doing. We need something more comprehensive.

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This is why junior doctors are protesting

Tom Riddington, 22 Oct 2015

We haven't been misled by our union. The government has let us, and the NHS, down.

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Low-paid workers – worse off next year and even worse off in 2020

Richard Exell, 21 Oct 2015

Tax credit cuts will overwhelmingly hurt working families, and there will be no cushion and no safety net.

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