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Are our schools in safe hands?

Professor Stephen J Ball, 19 May 2015

Author and academic Stephen Ball believes that the biggest area of concern in UK education is about the academisation of the school system – an agenda that Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has reiterated her support for, announcing that under a new education bill failing schools could be forced into taking on academy status.

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Five ways to deal with a full blown Conservative Government

Rebecca Winson, 8 May 2015

It might seem hopeless at the moment, but there are some basic things we can all do to work through this. Wallowing in political pity or booking the next flight out of here is not going to feed the hungry.

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First 100 Days - Reforming politics and representation

Dr Daniel Kenealy, 6 May 2015

In this essay Daniel Kenealy argues that real political and representative reform will take a long time to enact, but there is much that can be done in the first 100 days of any ‘progressive’ government to start this important process.

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First 100 Days - Transforming Education

Gemma Moss, 5 May 2015

As part of the First 100 Days series Prof Gemma Moss outlines what a progressive government will need to do to transform education into a fairer, less unequal system. A flourishing education system depends upon forging strong partnerships between educators, young people, their families and their communities; those who research education in its diverse forms; and those who organise and system-manage it, in pursuit of a shared vision of the common good.

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First 100 Days - Tackling Inequality

Stewart Lansley, 5 May 2015

As part of the First 100 Days series Stewart Lansley sets out how a progressive government could create a more equal society. This requires a multiple strategy, some measures to be implemented in the first 100 days and some changes set in place to take shape over a longer time span.

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First 100 Days - Defining a Green Agenda for Government

Oliver Hayes, 3 May 2015

Oliver Hayes how a progressive government could define a green agenda within their First 100 Days of power. He argues that we need a government to set a vision for a valued and thriving environment.

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First 100 Days - Investing in a Future for Young People

Beccie Ions, 2 May 2015

In this essay Beccie Ions, as part of our First 100 Days series, outlines what a progressive government should do to invest in a future for young people. Beccie argues that it’s no secret that young people feel alienated from politics, and as the election edges closer it is important to look at what policies young people might wish to see from the next parliament.

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First 100 Days - Implementing a Race Equalities Agenda

Omar Khan, 1 May 2015

As part of our First 100 Days series, Omar Khan outlines the priorities for implementing an effective equalities agenda in the next parliament. He argues that a progressive government should not only demonstrate through monitoring that their policies do not increase ethnic inequalities, but that they should also ensure policies are designed to correct existing inequalities through improving outcomes for Black and minority ethnic people.

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First 100 Days - Ensuring Gender Equality

Dr Diane Elson, 1 May 2015

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First 100 days - Protecting Public Services

Dave Prentis, 1 May 2015

The first 100 days of the next government will be critical for protecting and rebuilding our public services. In this essay Dave Prentis, General Secretary of UNISON, outlines what can be done to bolster the public service workforce and turn around the devastation wrought on public services by the Coalition government.

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First 100 Days - Restoring Power to Working People

Prof Nicole Busby, 30 Apr 2015

As part of the First 100 Days series Nicole Busby argues that in order to fully restore the power of working people, a future progressive government would need to reconstruct the social contract which has been incrementally dismantled by successive governments over the past 40 years. She argues that an incoming progressive government would need to set down clear priorities within the first 100 days of taking office which could rebalance power relations between working people and their employers.

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First 100 Days - Eradicating Poverty

Moussa Haddad, 30 Apr 2015

As part of our First 100 Days series Child Poverty Action Group's Moussa Haddad outlines the priorites for tackling poverty. He argues that a new government should use its first Spending Review to mandate preventative spending today to avoid the enormous costs of child poverty tomorrow, changing the way government thinks about public spending so that it takes a long-term view of costs and benefits.

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First 100 Days - Restoring Access to Juctice

Professor Marjorie Mayo, 29 Apr 2015

As part of our First 100 Days series Prof Marjorie Mayo outlines how access to justice can be restored under a progressive government. Access to justice for all, regardless of the ability to pay, has been a fundamental principle for any democratic society. An incoming government cannot be expected to provide instant solutions, reversing the setbacks of previous decades. But very significant progress could be made within the first 100 days, setting the framework for further progress towards ensuring access to justice for all.

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First 100 Days - A plan for the economy

Howard Reed, 29 Apr 2015

As part of our First 100 Days series, in this essay Howard Reed outlines a fair plan for the economy. He argues that to be effective a new progressive government needs to take action from day one on several fronts at once. It will take decades to undo all of the damage of the post-1979 shift to the right, but much can be done in the first 100 days to begin that process.

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Trade unionists - Rally for your Rights

Gavin Sibthorpe, 27 Apr 2015

Tonight is Unionstogether’s big London 'Rally for your Rights' at the University of London Union - 6pm in 'The Venue' on the first floor. This is our last chance, as trade-unionists to come together and rally to stop the Conservatives.

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Political action must be taken to eliminate food banks from the national landscape

Richard Bridge, 24 Apr 2015

After release of the latest Trussell Trust figures, we need to repoliticise the right to food and highlight the policy choices that cause a rise in food bank use.

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Despite IFS criticism, the Tories will have the last laugh

Craig Berry, 24 Apr 2015

the OBR and IFS are ultimately helping the Conservatives win the long war that really matters – who gets to define what is wrong with our economy, and what needs to be done about it.

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Why you should vote - 5 graphs

Ellie O’Hagan, 20 Apr 2015

The deadline to register to vote is midnight tonight. We've collated 5 graphs from across the web showing why you should make sure your voice is heard.

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Labour and Conservatives: the manifestos

Duncan Bowie, Rosie Rogers, Professor Andrew Cumbers, Dr Kailash Chand, Frances Ryan, Tim Roache, 15 Apr 2015

Six key progressives give their reaction to the manifestos delivered by the two major parties.

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