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VIDEO: Lisa Nandy MP delivers her keynote speech to Class

Lisa Nandy MP, 27 Mar 2015

Watch Lisa Nandy MP deliver her keynote speech to Class on Patriotism and the Left.

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Patriotism and the Left – Lisa Nandy’s keynote speech to CLASS

Lisa Nandy MP, 25 Mar 2015

Read a transcript of the keynote speech Lisa Nandy MP delivered to Class on 24 March

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The worst thing about the Budget? The tax cuts

Ellie O’Hagan, 20 Mar 2015

Don't believe Osborne's claims about a progressive tax system. The truth is it's the rich who gain from the Budget.

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Budget 2015: Our panellists give their reaction

Angela O’Hagan, Professor Prem Sikka, Laura Pidcock, Caroline Molloy, David Powell, 18 Mar 2015

Five leading thinkers give their reaction to the Budget.

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Storify: the top reactions to #Budget2015

Ellie O’Hagan, 18 Mar 2015

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What to expect from the 2015 budget

Steve Hart, 17 Mar 2015

Class Chair Steve Hart gives his opinion on the forthcoming budget

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Housing will be one of the biggest issues facing the country at the General Election

Tom Copley AM, 17 Mar 2015

Read Tom Copley AM's foreword to our election housing guide

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The myth of the end of workplace racism

Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe, 16 Mar 2015

Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe puts paid to the myth that employees no longer face racial discrimination at work.

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Why workplace union reps should be supported rather than attacked

John Earls, 13 Mar 2015

Workplace union reps make a positive difference. Not just to people’s experiences of work but to their organisations and to society. Rather than trying to weaken rights to time off and the facilities reps need to do their job, government policy should recognise their value and support them.

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The impact on women of the recession and austerity

Ellie O’Hagan, 11 Mar 2015

The introduction to the TUC report “The impact on women of the recession and austerity,” released at the TUC Women's Conference.

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The Impact of Private Providers and Competition on our NHS

Dr Kailash Chand, 11 Mar 2015

A transcript of the speech given by Dr Kailash Chand OBE to an audience in Manchester in our pre-election NHS debate.

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Why did Michael Sheen make his speech? It’s because the stakes are so high for our NHS

Ellie O’Hagan, 10 Mar 2015

This election will determine the future of the NHS, perhaps more than any other institution in British life. The stakes could not be higher.

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Don’t believe the hype: average income has not returned to pre-crisis levels

Steve Hart, 4 Mar 2015

Class chair Steve Hart examines the latest IFS report

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This election will decide whether the NHS will survive or perish

Dr Kailash Chand, 2 Mar 2015

Legislation opening up the NHS to market forces has undermined the principle of universalism and resulted in a dereliction of provision across key services.

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Reversing the rising poverty tide requires fundamental change

Stewart Lansley, 25 Feb 2015

Stewart Lansley writes on the ongoing transference of wealth and power away from the poorest to elites and speaks of the need for fundamental change to reverse the rising tide of poverty.

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Collective Bargaining, What’s It Good For?

John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing, 24 Feb 2015

This video from the Institute of Employment Rights outlines the importance of collective bargaining and argues for an expansion of bargaining coverage.

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Look after employment and the budget deficit will take care of itself

Ann Pettifor, 24 Feb 2015

It’s the government’s responsibility to manage the economy in the interests of society at large not just the 1%.

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The collapse of housing supply has forced many to breaking point

Alex Hilton, 18 Feb 2015

House prices are expensive for only one reason. Because there is great demand and little supply.

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The advantages of a new house building programme are enormous

Denis Doody, 17 Feb 2015

Denis Doody, Regional Secretary of UCATT Northern Region, introduces some of the ways in which a new programme of house building could tackle the social challenges within our communities ahead of the launch of Class' housing election guide in Newcastle.

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Dignity and recognition for all work will be the basis of a fair and sustainable economy

Angela O’Hagan, 16 Feb 2015

Speaking at the launch event for our work, pay and unions 2015 Election guide in Glasgow, Angela O’Hagan argued that at stake are fundamental challenges to basic human need and wellbeing.

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