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Ideas and views from across the left

Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse centralises power and devolves blame

Daniel Bailey, 5 Oct 2015

What are the implications of the Chancellor's announcements on the Northern Powerhouse?

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What do we know about race, education and inequality in contemporary Britain?

Dr Debbie Weekes-Bernard, 2 Oct 2015

Educational success should be demonstrated by developing young people able to fully participate in a socially and ethnically diverse global society, and ensuring that all are able to reap the benefits from a broad curriculum.

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Equal pay for equal work - nothing less will do

Tim Roache, 1 Oct 2015

Class Chair Tim Roache outlines how the Swedish Derogation legal loophole allows employers to operate tiered workforces.

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What does the proposed deal on right to buy mean for social housing?

Suzanne Muna, Paul Kershaw, 25 Sep 2015

The National Housing Federation might call the latest proposals on social housing a victory, but the reality is it will lead to the dismantling of social housing.

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How seriously can we take the government’s pledge to build 1 million homes in 5 years?

Duncan Bowie, 23 Sep 2015

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis was quoted in the BBC Inside Out programme on 21st September as saying that the Government aims to build a million new homes in England in the next 5 years or 200,000 homes a year. But getting to 200,000 a year means current output needs to be nearly doubled and unless tens of thousands of flatpack homes are imported for instant construction, there is clearly no chance of 200,000 being achieved this year or next.

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Privatising Network Rail is a disastrous idea

Professor Andrew Cumbers, 22 Sep 2015

The suggestion that Network Rail might be privatised flies in the face of public opinion and stated policy goals. There has never been a better time for publicly-owned railways.

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My take on what progressive housing policy could look like

Kevin Gulliver, 21 Sep 2015

Kevin Gulliver, director of Human City Institute, outlines his vision for progressive housing policy.

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Changes to the TTIP court system still leave fundamental questions unanswered

John Hendy QC, 16 Sep 2015

While changes to the TTIP court system address several issues, ultimately these changes fail to deal with the heart of the problem and in particular, they do not deal with the fundamental issue of the grotesque concept of ‘investor protection’ against lack of ‘fair and equitable treatment’ or ‘expropriation'.

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The Trade Union Bill: Our Panel’s Reaction

Frances O’Grady, Steven Cavalier, Sara Ogilvie, 16 Sep 2015

Experts give their response to the Trade Union Bill currently making its way through parliament.

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Too often public opinion about migration is based on false information

Simon McMahon, 15 Sep 2015

80 per cent of the people arriving in the UK over the last year for work had a visa tied to a job to start when they got here

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It’s time to change the debate on migration

Maya Goodfellow, 11 Sep 2015

The one-sided migration ‘debate’ is characterised by myths and stereotypes. It has proved extremely damaging – and at times fatal – to migrants’ and asylum seekers’ lives. It's time we changed the debate.

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Teaching Aspiration

Christine Blower, 27 Aug 2015

In the final instalment of our aspiration series, Christine Blower argues that education is essential to fulfil the aspirations of the individual, but unless we also educate each other about building a society in which we all have the chance to flourish, the education system will not be enough.

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Against Aspiration

Imogen Tyler, Bruce Bennett, 26 Aug 2015

In the second instalment of our essay series on aspiration, Imogen Tyler and Bruce Bennett argue that aspiration is a rhetorical device that seeks to whitewash a neoliberal economic and political project and the staggering inequalities it produces.

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Enabling Aspiration

Owen Jones, 25 Aug 2015

In the first of our aspiration series, Owen Jones argues that for those on the left, aspiration should mean making common cause with those with similar problems, hopes and ambitions.

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The People’s Post: Why we need a strong public voice at the heart of our postal services

Dave Ward, 17 Aug 2015

The CWU is campaigning to defend postal services and decent employment standards in the postal industry, two elements of the public service this country relies on and can be proud of: the People’s Post. At the heart of this has to be an overhaul of regulation, stronger legislation to safeguard daily deliveries and the retention of a public voice in Royal Mail.

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Young people’s debts have doubled in five years and are now highest of all age groups

Geoff Tily, 7 Aug 2015

Geoff Tily looks at the latest ONS figures on debt and finds a worrying trend for young people

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The importance of free museums in enriching our culture

Dr Abigail Gilmore, 31 Jul 2015

Free access to museums is about sharing memory and knowledge. We must not take steps towards privatising this public good. e

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How the Conservatives are ‘strengthening’ child poverty measures in the UK

Fran Bennett, 23 Jul 2015

Fran Bennett examines the implications of the change in child poverty measures.

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Young Social Tenants Hit Hardest by Budget

Kevin Gulliver, 22 Jul 2015

Young people are giving up on their hopes of owning a home. But the government can ensure this isn't the case by building more social homes.

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The jobs figures: even if it’s a blip, it’s a worrying one

Richard Exell, 17 Jul 2015

As the prime minister boasted about the coalition’s jobs record, the reality was heading in the opposite direction

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