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Reversing the rising poverty tide requires fundamental change

Stewart Lansley, 25 Feb 2015

Stewart Lansley writes on the ongoing transference of wealth and power away from the poorest to elites and speaks of the need for fundamental change to reverse the rising tide of poverty.

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Collective Bargaining, What’s It Good For?

John Hendy QC, Professor Keith Ewing, 24 Feb 2015

This video from the Institute of Employment Rights outlines the importance of collective bargaining and argues for an expansion of bargaining coverage.

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Look after employment and the budget deficit will take care of itself

Ann Pettifor, 24 Feb 2015

It’s the government’s responsibility to manage the economy in the interests of society at large not just the 1%.

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The collapse of housing supply has forced many to breaking point

Alex Hilton, 18 Feb 2015

House prices are expensive for only one reason. Because there is great demand and little supply.

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The advantages of a new house building programme are enormous

Denis Doody, 17 Feb 2015

Denis Doody, Regional Secretary of UCATT Northern Region, introduces some of the ways in which a new programme of house building could tackle the social challenges within our communities ahead of the launch of Class' housing election guide in Newcastle.

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Dignity and recognition for all work will be the basis of a fair and sustainable economy

Angela O’Hagan, 16 Feb 2015

Speaking at the launch event for our work, pay and unions 2015 Election guide in Glasgow, Angela O’Hagan argued that at stake are fundamental challenges to basic human need and wellbeing.

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We need a government that will fight for our future

11 Feb 2015

Samantha Ritchie, Chair of Unite Scotland Young Members, explains how deteriorating labour and housing regulations are impacting young people.

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Collective bargaining can begin to rebalance our economy

Dave Moxham, 9 Feb 2015

It makes good economic sense to strengthen collective bargaining and trade union rights at a time when labour market deregulation and the precariousness of work are keeping wages and living standards down.

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If we’re going to tackle the A&E crisis, we need to address NHS privatisation

Caroline Molloy, 30 Jan 2015

The A&E crisis is a symptom of government cuts and increased privatisation. The NHS must not be used to clean up the messes left by private healthcare companies.

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This government is using the state as a union buster

Mark Serwotka, 28 Jan 2015

Mark Serwotka explains the motives driving the Cabinet Office's attempts to weaken the PCS.

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The select committee confirms it: academies are a failed experiment

Christine Blower, 27 Jan 2015

Christine Blower gives her response to the Education Select Committee inquiry into academies and free schools.

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How should trade unions respond to strike law threats?

Brian Strutton, 12 Jan 2015

Unions need to have a strategy in place if the Conservatives' strike proposals come into force.

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The Hinchingbrooke fiasco proves privatisation is not the way to fix the NHS

Tom Riddington, 12 Jan 2015

It's true that the NHS needs radical reform to address its problems. But at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, an experiment in privatisation created a poorly led, unsafe organisation.

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Why we need rent control

Alex Hilton, 9 Jan 2015

Rent control would cut taxpayer subsidies and improve living standards. It's time for the government to take it seriously.

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Making an everyday case for arts and culture

Dr Abigail Gilmore, 7 Jan 2015

In light of the Labour Party's announcement that it will keep arts cuts, Abi Gilmore recaps her paper for Class on arts and culture, in which she argues that arts should exist as an everyday part of communities, essential for improving quality of life.

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It’s no surprise that charity workers say the Big Society is dead

Lisa Nandy MP, 15 Dec 2014

Charities are facing increased demands while their employees take pay cuts. This is a failure of the big society and it has been catastrophic for frontline staff.

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How can we reduce the need for food banks?

Luke Price, 10 Dec 2014

Luke Price from Community Links responds to the parliamentary inquiry into food bank use.

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Class Conference 2014: Your policy priorities

Rachel Yates, 4 Dec 2014

We asked Class Conference delegates what they thought Britain needs - and here are their answers. Tell us what you think by commenting on the blog.

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Will the new stamp duty actually cost you more?

Adam van Lohuizen, 4 Dec 2014

The reform of Stamp Duty has been celebrated as a move to bring ordinary families closer to home ownership. But is that the reality?

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Class Conference 2014: Podcasts

Owen Jones, Professor Doreen Massey, Lisa Nandy MP, Mark Serwotka, 4 Dec 2014

Listen to podcasts the three main plenary sessions from our 2014 Conference What Britain Needs, featuring Owen Jones, Josie Long, Will Hutton, Lisa Nandy MP, Mark Serwotka and Professor Doreen Massey among others.

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