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What Have We Learned from May’s Brexit Speech?

Bridie O’Shea, 17 Jan 2017

Following Theresa May's speech this morning, our Policy Officer Bridie O'Shea examines her twelve point plan for Brexit negotiations.

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Brexit: What Will We See In 2017?

Bridie O’Shea, 15 Dec 2016

Our Policy Officer Bridie O'Shea takes stock of where we're at with Brexit, and what we can expect in 2017.

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The 2016 Equality Fallout

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 15 Dec 2016

Our Director Dr Faiza Shaheen discusses the state of equality in 2016, and where we need to focus our efforts next year.

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Where Next for the Labour Market? Interview with GMB’s Tim Roache on Uber

Clare Hymer, 15 Dec 2016

Our Communications Officer Clare Hymer spoke to GMB's General Secretary Tim Roache about the battle against Uber and the future of the labour market.

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Education, Not Marketisation: Why Warwick Students Have Gone into Occupation

Clare Hymer, 7 Dec 2016

Our Communications Officer Clare Hymer visits the University of Warwick, where student activists have gone into occupation over the worrying direction of higher education in the UK.

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UK Immigration: It’s Not Numbers But Narrative That Matters

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 1 Dec 2016

Director of CLASS Dr Faiza Shaheen discusses the importance of the ONS migration figures released today.

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3 Key Points on the Corporate Governance Green Paper

Bridie O’Shea, 30 Nov 2016

Our Policy Officer Bridie O'Shea takes a look at the new corporate governance green paper.

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A Dummies’ Guide to Tackling Inequality

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 24 Nov 2016

Director of CLASS Dr Faiza Shaheen reacts to the Autumn Statement, and explains the basics of how to tackle inequality.

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Autumn Statement 2016: Reactions from Our Panel

Richard Murphy, Josie Tucker, 23 Nov 2016

Our panel reacts to Philip Hammond's first Autumn Statement.

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The 2016 Autumn Statement: Tackling Inequality, or Business as Usual?

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 22 Nov 2016

Dr Faiza Shaheen sets out CLASS's hopes and expectations for the Autumn Statement 2016.

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Why Care About Having a Black Prime Minister?

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 13 Nov 2016

Class Director Dr Faiza Shaheen talks about her role in BBC Documentary, "Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?", and asks what electing a Black Prime Minister would mean for the UK.

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Class Conference 2016: Where Do We Go from Here?

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 11 Nov 2016

Class Director Dr Faiza Shaheen reflects on Class Conference 2016, and gives her summary of the challenges we face in building a progressive Britain.

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Comprehensive Schools Are Not Enough: The Challenge of Education Policy for the Left

Professor Danny Dorling, 11 Nov 2016

While the left in the UK is right to defend the comprehensive education system, we must also consider how it can be improved. Danny Dorling outlines the problems with comprehensive schooling, and advocates a co-operative alternative.

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Immigration and Brexit (and Trump): It’s More About Social Attitudes than Social Class

David Wearing, 11 Nov 2016

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, it was the working class who were by and large blamed for the vote to leave the EU. David Wearing argues that anti-immigration attitudes and the Brexit vote correlate much more strongly with social attitudes than with social class.

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Len McCluskey: Britain at a Crossroads

Len McCluskey, 10 Nov 2016

Speech to Class Conference 2016 by Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union

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Tim Roache: Britain at a Crossroads

Tim Roache, 10 Nov 2016

Speech to Class Conference 2016 by Class President and GMB General Secretary Tim Roache

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Britain at a crossroads

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 4 Nov 2016

Class Director, Dr Faiza Shaheen discusses the current political landscape and Class conference 2016.

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Coffin-sized existence pods: Grandparent legacies to Generation Rent?

Professor Marjorie Mayo, 13 Oct 2016

Gavin Barwell, the Conservative Housing Minister has been proposing policies, which will entrench inequality and disproportionately impact younger people. In this blog Professor Marjorie Mayo responds to the Ministers' suggestions.

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How serious is the new Prime Minister and her government about making the country work for everyone

Alison Garnham, 13 Oct 2016

A new book published today by Child Poverty Action Group, ‘Improving Children’s Life Chances’, which draws on the work of a wide range of experts in the early years, education, health and social mobility, suggests the key test will be whether the PM faces or turns her back on the UK’s looming child poverty crisis. This blog discusses some of what experts had to say.

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Five conclusions from the Conservative Party Conference

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 5 Oct 2016

Dr Faiza Shaheen gives five conclusions from the Conservative Party Conference

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