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Trade unionists - Rally for your Rights

Gavin Sibthorpe, 27 Apr 2015

Tonight is Unionstogether’s big London 'Rally for your Rights' at the University of London Union - 6pm in 'The Venue' on the first floor. This is our last chance, as trade-unionists to come together and rally to stop the Conservatives.

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Political action must be taken to eliminate food banks from the national landscape

Richard Bridge, 24 Apr 2015

After release of the latest Trussell Trust figures, we need to repoliticise the right to food and highlight the policy choices that cause a rise in food bank use.

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Despite IFS criticism, the Tories will have the last laugh

Craig Berry, 24 Apr 2015

the OBR and IFS are ultimately helping the Conservatives win the long war that really matters – who gets to define what is wrong with our economy, and what needs to be done about it.

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Why you should vote - 5 graphs

Ellie O’Hagan, 20 Apr 2015

The deadline to register to vote is midnight tonight. We've collated 5 graphs from across the web showing why you should make sure your voice is heard.

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Labour and Conservatives: the manifestos

Duncan Bowie, Rosie Rogers, Professor Andrew Cumbers, Dr Kailash Chand, Frances Ryan, Tim Roache, 15 Apr 2015

Six key progressives give their reaction to the manifestos delivered by the two major parties.

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At the core of Tory policy is a desire to shift publicly-owned housing into private hands

James Murray, 14 Apr 2015

Two pillars of current Tory thinking have been pushed together in today's announcement on housing. First, their unflinching desire to reduce social housing through right-to-buy, and second their belief that council tenants should only be allowed to live in the less-desirable parts of town.

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Personal Tax Allowance: How an Increase Widens Inequality

Ellie O’Hagan, 9 Apr 2015

Is increasing the personal tax allowance really fair?

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Labour will abolish the non-dom rule

Richard Murphy, 8 Apr 2015

Tax expert Richard Murphy gives his reaction to Labour's announcement that it will abolish the non-dom rule

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A Tory NHS is an NHS in crisis

Tom Riddington, 8 Apr 2015

Despite statistic and counter-statistic, Tom Riddington argues that there are some uncomfortable truths that every doctor and every patient in the NHS can see for themselves.

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The government’s evidence-free policy on benefit sanctions

Anne Begg, 2 Apr 2015

Dame Anne Begg PPC, shows how claimants have been let down by the Coalition's benefit sanctions regime.

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Labour’s “Business manifesto” – a work in progress?

Billy Hayes, 1 Apr 2015

Billy Hayes responds to Labour's Business Manifesto and points out that investment in the economy is central to establishing sustained growth and raising living standards.

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Rail privatisation unspun

Sharon Sukhram, 1 Apr 2015

Sharon Sukhram shows how a national, publicly owned railway would benefit passengers and taxpayers.

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VIDEO: Lisa Nandy MP delivers her keynote speech to Class

Lisa Nandy MP, 27 Mar 2015

Watch Lisa Nandy MP deliver her keynote speech to Class on Patriotism and the Left.

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Patriotism and the Left – Lisa Nandy’s keynote speech to CLASS

Lisa Nandy MP, 25 Mar 2015

Read a transcript of the keynote speech Lisa Nandy MP delivered to Class on 24 March

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The worst thing about the Budget? The tax cuts

Ellie O’Hagan, 20 Mar 2015

Don't believe Osborne's claims about a progressive tax system. The truth is it's the rich who gain from the Budget.

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Budget 2015: Our panellists give their reaction

Angela O’Hagan, Professor Prem Sikka, Laura Pidcock, Caroline Molloy, David Powell, 18 Mar 2015

Five leading thinkers give their reaction to the Budget.

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Storify: the top reactions to #Budget2015

Ellie O’Hagan, 18 Mar 2015

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What to expect from the 2015 budget

Steve Hart, 17 Mar 2015

Class Chair Steve Hart gives his opinion on the forthcoming budget

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Housing will be one of the biggest issues facing the country at the General Election

Tom Copley AM, 17 Mar 2015

Read Tom Copley AM's foreword to our election housing guide

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