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Coffin-sized existence pods: Grandparent legacies to Generation Rent?

Professor Marjorie Mayo, 13 Oct 2016

Gavin Barwell, the Conservative Housing Minister has been proposing policies, which will entrench inequality and disproportionately impact younger people. In this blog Professor Marjorie Mayo responds to the Ministers' suggestions.

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How serious is the new Prime Minister and her government about making the country work for everyone

Alison Garnham, 13 Oct 2016

A new book published today by Child Poverty Action Group, ‘Improving Children’s Life Chances’, which draws on the work of a wide range of experts in the early years, education, health and social mobility, suggests the key test will be whether the PM faces or turns her back on the UK’s looming child poverty crisis. This blog discusses some of what experts had to say.

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Five conclusions from the Conservative Party Conference

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 5 Oct 2016

Dr Faiza Shaheen gives five conclusions from the Conservative Party Conference

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Why are grammar schools on the agenda?

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 14 Sep 2016

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Brexit update: parliament is back in session

Bridie O’Shea, 9 Sep 2016

Bridie, our Policy Officer gives an update on what's been happening in government since parliaments came back after the summer recess.

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The rise of zero hour contracts and what Sports Direct can teach us

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 9 Sep 2016

Class Director Dr Faiza Sheheen makes a strong case, with evidence against zero hour contracts.

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Video | Dr Faiza Shaheen on Sports Direct and zero hour contracts

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 7 Sep 2016

Class Director, Dr Faiza Shaheen responds to the recent reports that Sports Direct is stopping zero hour contracts for some employees.

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Dr Faiza Shaheen: Youth week roundup

5 Sep 2016

Dr Faiza Shaheen concludes Class Youth Week with a video dicussing some of the changes we are calling for to ensure this generation of young people get the best chance they can. We spoke to a number of young people on how they are feeling about their future prospects. Each interview recorded has a blog post, which discusses some of the themes that were brought up.

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Fighting tax avoidance by big business: can we go it alone?

Bridie O’Shea, 30 Aug 2016

Our Policy Officer, Bridie responds to recent reports that Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple and discusses the race to the bottom in tax rates post Brexit.

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Day 6: Apprenticeships

Bridie O’Shea, 25 Aug 2016

GCSE results are out today and it's decision time for 16 year olds. Apprenticeships offer a good alternative, but still suffer from an image problem, and numbers are falling after the Brexit vote.

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Day 5: Economic growth and youth prospects by region

Kennedy Walker, 24 Aug 2016

Hannah talks to us about barriers for women in the job market, climate change and moving to where the opportunities are.

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Day 4: Class, privilege and Oxbridge.

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 23 Aug 2016

Tolia talks to us about the need for more working class people at university to improve representation in politics.

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Day 3: Student debt

Kennedy Walker, 22 Aug 2016

In this interview, Lauren discusses what it was like leaving university early, how she is feeling about her job prospects and what she wants the government to do to ensure she has a bright future.

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Day 2: International students

Bridie O’Shea, 19 Aug 2016

Ugo talks to Class about his future ambitions, student fees, and the sacrifices his parents have made to allow him to study in the UK.

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Day1: Brexit: Implications for young people

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 18 Aug 2016

James talks to Class about his expectations from university, the north-south divide, and homeownership

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4 reasons why grammar schools are a bad idea.

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 9 Aug 2016

Class Director Faiza Shaheen gives 4 reasons why lifting the ban on grammar schools is a bad idea.

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Brexit induced xenophobia and racism: how bad is it and what needs to be done?

Kennedy Walker, 4 Aug 2016

Our Communications Officer, Kennedy spoke to Hanna Thomas, one of the creators of iStreetWatch- a website that allows you to report and track xenophobic and racist hate crimes about the increase in incidents reported since Brexit.

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Today’s package of measures from Bank of England fails on inequality

Dr Faiza Shaheen, 4 Aug 2016

Class Director Faiza Shaheen looks at the effects of the new Bank of England Super Thursday package on inequality

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Lloyds cuts 3,000 jobs: where’s the accountability?

Kennedy Walker, 28 Jul 2016

Lloyds announced today they would be cutting 3,000 jobs. Kennedy had a chat with Unite the Union's National Officer, Rob Macgregor on his response to this news.

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4 reasons why negotiating new trade deals won’t be easy after Brexit

Sam Lowe, 26 Jul 2016

Friends of The Earth's Trade Campaigner, Sam Lowe takes us through some of the obstacles the UK is going to face when negotiating new trade deals post Brexit.

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