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Ideas and views from across the left

Teaching Aspiration

Christine Blower, 27 Aug 2015

In the final instalment of our aspiration series, Christine Blower argues that education is essential to fulfil the aspirations of the individual, but unless we also educate each other about building a society in which we all have the chance to flourish, the education system will not be enough.

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Against Aspiration

Imogen Tyler, Bruce Bennett, 26 Aug 2015

In the second instalment of our essay series on aspiration, Imogen Tyler and Bruce Bennett argue that aspiration is a rhetorical device that seeks to whitewash a neoliberal economic and political project and the staggering inequalities it produces.

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Enabling Aspiration

Owen Jones, 25 Aug 2015

In the first of our aspiration series, Owen Jones argues that for those on the left, aspiration should mean making common cause with those with similar problems, hopes and ambitions.

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The People’s Post: Why we need a strong public voice at the heart of our postal services

Dave Ward, 17 Aug 2015

The CWU is campaigning to defend postal services and decent employment standards in the postal industry, two elements of the public service this country relies on and can be proud of: the People’s Post. At the heart of this has to be an overhaul of regulation, stronger legislation to safeguard daily deliveries and the retention of a public voice in Royal Mail.

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Young people’s debts have doubled in five years and are now highest of all age groups

Geoff Tily, 7 Aug 2015

Geoff Tily looks at the latest ONS figures on debt and finds a worrying trend for young people

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The importance of free museums in enriching our culture

Dr Abigail Gilmore, 31 Jul 2015

Free access to museums is about sharing memory and knowledge. We must not take steps towards privatising this public good. e

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How the Conservatives are ‘strengthening’ child poverty measures in the UK

Fran Bennett, 23 Jul 2015

Fran Bennett examines the implications of the change in child poverty measures.

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Young Social Tenants Hit Hardest by Budget

Kevin Gulliver, 22 Jul 2015

Young people are giving up on their hopes of owning a home. But the government can ensure this isn't the case by building more social homes.

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The jobs figures: even if it’s a blip, it’s a worrying one

Richard Exell, 17 Jul 2015

As the prime minister boasted about the coalition’s jobs record, the reality was heading in the opposite direction

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A £12bn cut in welfare will put huge pressure on the NHS

Tom Riddington, 10 Jul 2015

The Conservatives say the NHS is safe in their hands. But when poverty increases, our health system has to tackle the consequences.

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Five ways to deliver a good budget

Rebecca Winson, 9 Jul 2015

Rebecca Winson shares wish list for a budget that benefits the majority of people in Britain, instead of just the few.

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Budget 2015: Our panel’s reaction

Louise Haigh MP, Kevin Gulliver, Laura Pidcock, Craig Berry, Professor Prem Sikka, Liz Hutchins, Caroline Lucas, 8 Jul 2015

Seven experts give their response to yesterday's Budget.

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George Osborne’s ‘budget surplus’ rule is ill-defined and unenforceable

Prof Malcolm Sawyer, 7 Jul 2015

George Osborne's 'budget surplus’ law is ill-defined and essentially unenforceable. It appears without any economic rationale as to why a budget surplus would be either desirable or indeed achievable in a sustainable manner. Instead, the central purpose of government fiscal policy should be provision of high quality public services and a progressive tax system with the balance between public expenditure and tax revenues designed to secure high levels of employment.

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With this budget, the Chancellor is taking us into unknown territory

Professor Andrew Cumbers, 7 Jul 2015

Professor Andrew Cumbers shares his view of the the forthcoming budget.

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Trade unions are central to improving productivity

John Earls, 7 Jul 2015

High quality jobs and a strong employee voice are crucial for sustainable, fair productivity growth and tackling the UK's long-term poor productivity record.

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The latest cuts to legal aid are a further assault on access to justice

Rhona Friedman, 6 Jul 2015

It is hard to escape the conclusion that the assault on access to justice has been deliberately designed and timed. There is a justice grab going on here. As with health, education and housing the elites are engaged in a capture of excellence turning it into a silo of privilege.

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Child poverty: all not quite what it seems?

Professor Tracy Shildrick, 26 Jun 2015

Although spared the embarrassment of a sharp rise in child poverty, the stagnation of the figures announced yesterday exposes this government's callous and listless approach to combating child poverty. Professor Tracy Shildrick outlines the scale of preventable child poverty.

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The Academies and Education Bill will not help Britain’s schools

Henry Stewart, 22 Jun 2015

The academisation of British schools is nothing more than ideology. There is no evidence that it drives up standards.

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A concrete plan for social housing

Duncan Bowie, 19 Jun 2015

A new report from SHOUT (Social Housing Under Threat) and National Federation of ALMOS urges the government to abandon its hands-off approach to housing.

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Guardian letter in response to Chancellor George Osborne’s Mansion House Speech

17 Jun 2015

On 13 June the Guardian published a letter from 79 leading economists condemning the Chancellor’s plans to legislate for a permanent budget surplus. The letter was coordinated by Class, and has gathered a range of prominent signatories from across academia and economics.

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