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More likely to go to prison than university? But a degree doesn’t close the pay gap

Florence Bates, 4 Feb 2016

Nearly half of BAME people have degrees, but that doesn't mean they are treated fairly in the workplace.

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How our social security system holds back low-paid workers

Ellie O’Hagan, 3 Feb 2016

A new report by the Equality Trust finds that Britain’s poorest working parents lose more of their earnings through taxes and social security withdrawal than the richest 1 per cent.

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Why the Lords’ defeat of the government’s attempt to redefine child poverty is important

Ellen Broome, 29 Jan 2016

The new approach would abolish income measures of poverty. Income is at the heart of child poverty as it is a key influence on children’s development and opportunities.

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The Trade Union Bill Impact Assessment: Adding insult to injury

Jo Stevens MP, 28 Jan 2016

Why is the government not subject to the same scrutiny it wants to put trade unions under?

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The economics of Google’s tax

Richard Murphy, 27 Jan 2016

The poor deal made with Google has, perversely, demonstrated the case for tax reform.

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It’s time to phase out elitist education

Steven Longden, 20 Jan 2016

Any right predicated on wealth should not be allowed to supersede the right to equality of opportunity.

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How can we help the wealthy part with their wealth?

Professor Prem Sikka, 18 Jan 2016

62 people own as much wealth as the bottom third of the global population. So what do we do about it?

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Here are the Lords’ proposed amendments to Trade Union Bill

Sarah Glenister, 15 Jan 2016

We've broken down the amendments the Lords are making to the trade union bill here.

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This is why junior doctors are protesting

Tom Riddington, 12 Jan 2016

We haven't been misled by our union. The government has let us, and the NHS, down.

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Here we go again: Chancellor warns of ‘cocktail of threats’ and ‘complacency’

Geoff Tily, 8 Jan 2016

We can't afford to "stay the course." The Chancellor must stop playing politics while Rome burns.

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“The Cracks Begin To Show” - EREP Review of the UK Economy 2015

Jeremy Smith, 5 Jan 2016

The year 2015 has repeatedly disappointed those who had high expectations that the UK economy was back to ‘normal times’ and destined to see significant continued economic ‘growth.’ The public finances are built on hopes and assumptions that appear to be fragile indeed, and economic activity in many key areas has decelerated whilst the property boom helps the asset-rich.

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Ending lifetime council tenancies will only add to housing insecurity

Tom Murtha, 11 Dec 2015

Government plans to end permanent tenancies for new council tenants and ensure all new tenancies last between 2 to 5 years will remove one of the main principles of social housing, a home for life. Once again short sighted government proposals will increase social disruption and financial costs at the expense of those in greatest need.

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The rollercoaster path of government spending on flood defence

Geoff Tily, 10 Dec 2015

The government's lack of investment in flood defences and infrastructure is a false economy that costs us more in the long run.

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Spending Review 2015: Still failing to invest in women’s security

Dr Eva Neitzert, 8 Dec 2015

Yet again women stand to lose out from economic policy. Our Plan F shows there is a better way.

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#COP21: what the climate talks could mean for UK workers

Silkie Cragg, 3 Dec 2015

Averting catastrophic climate change is vital, but it will likely change the entire economy. How do we ensure jobs and skills are protected?

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Ofsted shows most children receive a good education, despite the difficulties faced by teachers

Christine Blower, 1 Dec 2015

Schools alone cannot compensate for the lack of prospects many young people fear. That is the responsibility of Government which must do more to provide opportunities for all young people in the form of apprenticeships, and secure well-paid employment in addition to access to further and higher education.

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Spending review 2015: Our Panel’s Reaction

Jon Trickett MP, Ann Pettifor, Richard Exell, Cat Hobbs, 26 Nov 2015

Our experts give their verdicts on yesterday's Comprehensive Spending Review.

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Spending review 2015: Your Guide

Ellie O’Hagan, Simon Wren-Lewis, Lisa Nandy MP, David Walker, Craig Berry, 24 Nov 2015

This Spending Review will change everything. Get the facts here.

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Greenprint for a low carbon industrial strategy

Philip Pearson, 20 Nov 2015

The “perfect storm” hitting the steel industry has cost up to 10,000 jobs in the North East alone, directly or as consequence of steel plant closures. We need a low carbon solution.

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The closure of Eaves charity is the tip of the iceberg in the crisis for women’s services

Rebecca Winson, 19 Nov 2015

Women are being failed by the government's insistence on pursuing austerity. Urgently needed services are turning women away who are at risk.

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