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Ayesha Baloch
Public Affairs Officer

Ayesha Baloch

Ayesha is our Public Affairs Officer, joining in September 2021.

Prior to CLASS, Ayesha worked in the office of Emily Thornberry, Labour Party MP and Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, where she conducted research on the intersection of human rights and trade.

Since 2018, Ayesha has also been a campaigns officer for the Labour Campaign for Human Rights (LCHR), which advocates for human rights to form the heart of Labour’s policy and practice, and was previously a researcher for Liberation (also known as the Movement for Colonial Freedom).

Ayesha holds a BA in History from University College London, and an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge. Her MPhil dissertation analysed early nation-building processes in Pakistan through a gendered lens, investigating the relationship between Pakistani women and the state.


T: 07713125160