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Wilf Sullivan

Wilf Sullivan

Wilf Sullivan has worked for the TUC since December 2004, when he was appointed as TUC Race Equality Officer. He tweets at @Wilf_TU.

He worked in Local Government with young people involved with the criminal justice system for ten years and subsequently as a Principal Personnel Officer dealing with recruitment and equal opportunities monitoring.

He was appointed by NALGO (now UNISON) as a Regional full-time officer in 1990 and worked for ten years organising and representing members in health, local government and higher education. He worked as UNISON’s National Black Members Officer from 2000 before moving to the TUC as the Race Equality Policy Officer.

He is active on race equality policy matters both inside and outside of the trade union movement.  He is a member of the Government’s Ethnic Minority Employment Stakeholders Group, is Vice-Chair of the UK Race and Europe Network, is a co-opted Executive Board member of the European Network Against Racism and sits on a number of race equality research academic advisory boards.